Summer education program for backend Python developers

Start learning how to code and become backend Python developer with out summer education program for backend Python developers and acquire the skills needed for creating backend web applications using the programming language Python.

Summer education program for backend Python developers – Start date: 25.06.2019 Application

Open Day: June 20 | 18:00 | Thursday

End date for enrolment and payment: 21.06.2019

Special summer price for the summer education program for backend Python developer – 31.000,00

Total number of classes: 66

According to the results acquired from the research by the programming community TIOBE, Python shows significant stop forward in its usage in the last three years. Currently it holds the fourth place as the most popular programming language, trailing behind Java, C and C++. This is due to its flexibility and immense usage, as well as its simple syntax and compatibility.

Our summer education program is divided into two parts, Python 1 and Python 2. In part one you will learn how to setup a Python working environment and how to complete tasks with different kind of data and structures. In addition, you will learn how to work and use databases, finding and handling errors, reading and writing code.

In part two you will start implementing the previously acquired knowledge in more complex programs, writing out class methods and creating tests in Python. Here you will be introduced with the web platform Django and the basics of web development by creating your first Django-supported web application.


  • Trainers with programming experience and work with complex systems
  • Enrolling into Semos Education’s Career Center, for future job applications and internship
  • Working on practical problems concerning programming with Python
  • Working with databases
  • Creating web applications with Django
  • Career workshop will help you pave the way to your workplace. You will receive practical advice from people who employ, you will find out what matters to them and which things you should pay attention when looking for work or wanting promotion.

End date for enrolment and payment: 21.06.2019

It is possible to pay for the course in installments with Visa or Master card from any bank. You can pay in 3, 6 or 12 installments without interest with credit cards from Stopanska Banka AD Skopje or 6 installments with 1% interest with Dinners credit card.

Enroll in the summer education program for backend Python developers Application

Summer mentoring program for backend Python developers

Python - I level
Python - II level

Course: Practical workshop - how to get employment and promotion

  • How to build a standout profile, including a 22-point check
  • Different ways to build your networks of employers?
  • How to make a clear structure of your self-presentation?
  • How to present yourself in two minutes and intrigue the listener to want to see you again and hear more?
  • How to deal with unpleasant and complicated questions?
  • Five techniques for treating the stage fright

A practical workshop that aims to show ways - how to find a job and get promotion with the help of advanced communication skills and LinkedIn.

Statistics says "92% of the respondents think soft skills are the same or more important than the technical skills to engage a new member in the team“.


Contact person

Boban Krstev
Sales Executive for Python courses
+389 78 444 796, every working day 9:00-17:00