"Besides higher education, Semos Education is the second educational institution everyone must attend in order to improve and upgrade their skills. Semos Education is offering an excellent selection of courses, and unique opportunity for further advancement in the profession. Experience I gained during the visit of PHP & MySQL courses enabled me to open new horizons and new opportunities. I can say that I was learning from professional staff, learning in positive atmosphere with friendly attitude of the staff who were always willing to meet my needs. And of course this approach is necessary for building a successful career. Therefore I warmly recommend Semos Education’s courses to all who want to successfully acquire skills and techniques required to advance their career. I am extremely pleased with Semos Education’s Career Center. They helped me get a job according to my qualifications.
Invest in yourself and become successful in your business!"

Kire Ivanovski

"After graduating from the Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies, I decided to upgrade my knowledge to the advanced IT skills trainings provided by Semos Education. With the Microsoft Web Applications scholarship, I gained a huge professional experience backed up by experienced Microsoft Certified Trainers. After completing the training thanks to the Career Center of Semos Education for the recommendation, I am now part of a company where I work on projects in the area where I was upgrading. I would recommend to anyone who wants to progress, not to hesitate that this is really a step closer to professional career. This training with the Microsoft program is being implemented around the world with the same materials and tests that speak of the success and significance of it, and with the help from the Career Center in finding a job is a huge opportunity for all those who are looking for a job!"

Darko Andonov

"My desire and ambition to work with design and creative ideas, became a reality thanks to the high quality courses in Semos Education. After graduating from the Faculty of Philology I decided to requalify and take the course in graphic design, which expanded my professional knowledge and skills. Recommendation of Career Center in Semos Education helped me become part of a team of graphic designers in one of the most successful companies in Macedonia.
That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend Semos Education courses and Semos Education Career Center to all who want to build a successful career."

Viktor Cvetkovski

"Formal education, in combination with the necessary professional training are key in fulfilling the ambitions for a successful and productive career. The courses offered in Semos Education allowed me to gain technical skills and qualifications required in order to distinguish myself on the job market. Semos Education has high-quality staff and offers you the ideal professional and friendly work environment for the development of your professional skills. I would highly recommend Semos Education as an ideal partner for any individual who is determined about starting or further advancing their career."

Aleksandar Stojanovski, student at FEIT


"Since 2015, ArcelorMittal and the Career Center successfully cooperate with a purpose to support professional development via internships and trainings.
With the support of the Career Center, several students completed the ArcelorMittal internship program, whereas one of them also became part of the team.
As a result of the successful cooperation with the Career Center we believe in further common action, and in joint support of the Continuing Professional Development and in developing the skills of the future generation.

Maja Popovska – HR, ArcelorMittal Skopje

"We have been working successfully with Semos Education’s Career Center for more than 1 year. During this time the Career Center proved to exactly understand our needs by providing us with the best IT candidates, hence gaining our complete trust.
Their dedication and professionalism, along with the high level training provision, helped us strengthen the trust of our clients and, at the same time achieve considerable results by selecting suitable and talented professionals."

Ana Velichkovska – HR
Euro BPO

"It is a pleasure to cooperate with the Semos Education Career Center. We can confirm that Semos Education students possess higher level of quality and knowledge, and they can easily fit in the dynamic environment of active development projects. Next time we’ll have a job vacancy, the Career Center would definitely be our first choice."

Nenad Chubrinovski – Project manager