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All trainings in Semos Education at this moment are delivered in virtual classrooms for online training.

Online training as a learning experience

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Semos Education has a vast experience in delivering different training programs through virtual classrooms. Virtual classrooms and online learning make knowledge much more accessible, opening up great opportunities for faster and easier work on perfecting the desired skills. Virtual classrooms are a modern method of learning, especially developed in the field of information technology.
Through virtual classrooms, you can participate in the training that interests you, no matter where you are. Our virtual training can provide you with the experience and benefits of classic training, but without physically coming to the training center. This eliminates transportation and logistics concerns, reducing the time you spend on the road and saving both time and money while not losing out on the quality of training.
Training through virtual classrooms is performed live and involves full interaction with the trainer and other training participants. In this way, not only will you have the same quality as regular training, you will also receive additional benefits: the virtual environment provides new opportunities compared to learning in a classic classroom, such as recording, interactive testing and knowledge testing in the learning process itself. Useful, isn't it?


  • Large selection of themes and topics, completely adjusted to the online way of working
  • You can learn from your home or any other location of your choosing
  • No commute or travel
  • Guaranteed dates, with the possibility of flexible schedule following your needs
  • Training is live and fully interactive - communication with the trainer and with other participants
  • Our trainers have been specially trained to teach in a virtual environment
  • Labs are available 24/7 (IT Pro Official courses)
  • You only need basic equipment - a computer and an internet connection

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All courses offered by Semos Education can also be attended online.

We currently have over 300 different courses in various areas. Whether you are interested in vendor courses like: Microsoft, AWS, Cisco, VMware, EC-Council, ISTQB, Unity, and other IT training, or training in project management or creative industries (Adobe, Autodesk), we are here to support You and Your learning experience in a practical, engaging and innovative way.

All online courses are aligned with group work.

If You have questions, need help with practical exercises or additional guidance, the trainer is there for You in the same way as in a real classroom. All you must do is ask a question and listen to our trainer's advice. 

Are you afraid of connection problems, technical interference and wondering how reliable the software is?

Semos Education has vast experience in delivering training in virtual environments for years and technical interference very rarely occurs. We use the best and most reliable technologies to deliver the highest quality learning experience. However, should you encounter technical difficulties that hinder You from successfully attend your online training, our IT support will always be there for You to assist you in solving an existing problem and to ensure that your training runs smoothly.

The minimum requirements for successfully completing this training are: Windows or Mac (min. 4 GB RAM), internet connection (min 1 Mbps ), browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer) and a webcam. Most computer have built-in microphones and speakers, but the quality will be significantly better if you have a headset / handset speakers and microphone. It is also possible to attend the online training from your smartphone or tablet (if your online training involves the use of labs this will probably not be possible).