Summer mentoring program for photography
with Perfect and Angelovski Photography

Photography as a hobby, passion, art, or career? What is your passion?

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With the new mentoring program for photography, acquire skills for photographing, editing and manipulating your photos, and be ready for the most sought-after professions Photographer (Photographer, Travel Blogger), Photo Editor.

Take advantage of the summer 25% discount and be prepared for travel and adventure.

Editing photography and photomontage are dynamic things that require dedication, adherence to deadlines, excellent visual and technical skills, as well as communication and organizational skills. To that end, we have developed a mentoring program for photography that will help you learn the basics of photography, the equipment you need, and the techniques for working in Adobe Photoshop & Camera Raw. While the practical part that includes a style of photography, composition, light and aesthetics will be mastered through real projects that will work on the field and in the studio.

You will learn how to make:

  • Portrait of photography
  • External photography
  • Study Stock Photography
  • External studio photography with lights
  • International Adobe Photoshop Certificate

During the mentoring program you will have the opportunity to work on real projects under the mentorship of representatives from the companies Perfect and Angelovski Photography who will share with you the experience of everyday work responsibilities and will allow you to work in a real working environment.

  • opportunity for practice in the mentoring companies Perfect and Angelovski Photography
  • participation in events and photo sessions together with mentors
  • knowledge and experience first-hand with experienced photographers (mentors and professors),
  • entry into Career Center at Semos Education, for further recommendation on practice and employment.
  • a rich portfolio with own photos created on the field and in the studio.

Summer Mentoring Program for Photography - Start June 18th
Total number of classes: 120
Application and Payment Date: 15 јуни.


Possibility of paying installments with Visa or Master credit cards from any bank. Special possibility for paying a maximum of 10 installments without interest with credit cards of Stopanska Banka AD Skopje.

Sign up for the Summer Mentoring Program for Photography on the following link

Required equipment

The program is recommended to be monitored with its own DSLR camera, and students who do not have the appropriate equipment can work with the school DSLR camera, lenses, flash drives and additional equipment provided by Semos Education.

About the company Аngelovski Photography:

Angelovski Photography is a team of photographers from Skopje, with more than 10 years of experience in this art, of which 5 years work on an international level.

Apart from working with an alternative wedding photography, their direction covers more areas like fashion photography, portrait photography, marketing and event photography.

Supporting this is the organization of the International Summit for Photo and Video, which has been held in Macedonia for two years in a row.

Partners in the profession, as well as in private life - Nadica and Angel capture different and equally unique moments, which through both lenses synergistically create your perfect story.

About the company Perfect:

Perfect is a marketing agency in Skopje with its own photo and video studio. Besides marketing and advertising, he actively deals with commercial studio photos and video production for a number of domestic and foreign clients.