Summer IT courses for children

Great summer offer:

  • Pay 1 take 2 courses Or
  • Pay 1 for 2 children Or
  • 1 course with 20% discount.

If you are asking yourself how your child will spend this summer?
He/she can learn useful skills. Start 08.06.2020

Choose one program for which your child has the biggest interest for:

Graphic design more

Web design more

Computer animation more

Programing more

The courses are for children from 8 to 15 years old.

Classes are online.

Why are digital skills important to your child?

  • They will learn to explore topics that interest them.
  • Communicates and learns independently
  • Stimulates their brain and develops certain brain functions.
  • The ability to think is stimulated
  • Creativity is encouraged
  • Learn to work in a team and in a group.
  • Learn independently.

Contact person

Natasha Risteska Todorovska
Head of Children`s Education Center
+389 71 262 728