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CSCU Certification

The weakest link in the security chain?
CSCU – Certified Secure Computer User

The aim of the course CSCU-Certified Secure Computer User e trainees to learn the necessary knowledge and skills to protect their computers and electronic data, and thus to protect their companies, homes and children.
Course CSCU stands behind the concept that people are weakest link in the security chain and no company, bank or government institution, despite massive investment in modern IT systems, is vulnerable to hacker attacks because of the human factor.
Listeners this course provides an interactive environment where they will learn about the basic various computer and network security threats such as identity theft, credit card fraud, risks of online banking, phishing scams (collecting usernames and passwords), viruses and Trojans, hoaxes by e-mail, illegal pornographic content, loss of confidential information, hacker attacks and social engineering (technique of extortion of confidential information by employees of the company).
More important is that the skills learned on the course to help the students to take the necessary steps to reduce vulnerabilities and increase the level of security their computers.
During the new computer technologies, digital information, electronic media interaction is invaluable our privacy and our children, and of course our companies.

CSCU Certification

112-12 Certified Secure Computer User
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The course is intended for all users of computers, employees of financial institutions and banks, insurance companies, telecoms, government, etc.. 

This course prepares the students for EC-Council CSCU exam 112-12.

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Irena Ivanovska
Head of EC-Council Training Department
+389 70 246 146

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Marko Serafimovski
Head of International Business Development
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To attend this course the attendants are required to have basic knowledge of using computers, Office tools, Internet, email, etc..

Certificate: Secure Computer User Specialist (CSCU)

After completing the training, students can pass the CSCU (112-12) exam and gain the a Secure Computer User Specialist (CSCU) Certificate.


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