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Android Courses

It’s perfect time to become Android programmer. Visit Semos Education courses and become an Android developer and back your investment for less than 3 months.
The top trainers will gain you to the world of Java, as a basic tool for application development; they will introduce you with the basic concepts of databases with SQL; they will teach you how to make your idea to Android Application and how to earn money from your idea.

The package price includes:

  • Every attendee work on his own computer
  • Free printed materials for every course
  • Every student that successfully completes a course receives a diploma


The discount stated in the table above are ONLY for an advanced payment of the whole packages

The payment methods are as follows:

  • Payment in cash,
  • Payment via Master, Visa, Diners card

Android Courses
Introduction to development of Android Applications 40
Development of modern and complex Android applications 40
Discount 15%

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