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In a world of global trade and competition, sovrshenosta vazhna is above all else. The best brands are distinguished by superior products and creative marketing. These are exceptional brands that stand out from the rest, which rise to the prestigious level and declared Superbrands .
Participation in Superbrands is by invitation only and offers TO the most prominent brands in a particular area. Achieving Superbrands status strengthens the brand's position, adds prestige and assures customers and suppliers that they collaborate with the best brand in its category.

Superbrands : most revered universal seal of excellence.

Payment in installments

Semos educating their listeners allows payment in installments with 0% interest credit cards with VISA and MasterCard of Commerce Bank and Diners. more

SUMMER IT SCHOOL in Children's Educational Center

Start June 19
This year again, the Children's Education Center organizes summer intensive courses in June for children aged 8 to 15 years. Fill your free time learning useful and creative content before you go on your well-deserved vacation. Select your program. more


2 scholarships of € 1605 , 20 partial scholarships from 555
Mentoring practice with companies
training in Microsoft IT Summer School is an intensive and takes place rapidly in just 3 months. more


1 total scholarship 1670 € , 5 partial scholarships from 668
Training in Cisco IT Summer School is an intensive and takes place rapidly in just 10 days.. more

Adobe summer mentorship program advertising agency McCann Skopje

SUMMER SPECIAL PRICE for Adobe Mentorska program: 20.500 den.
Date for registration and payment: June 15
Just 2 months gain basic skills in graphic design and get acquainted with one of the most creative professions of the world. . more

Autodesk summer mentorship program Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia

SUMMER SPECIAL PRICE for Autodesk Mentorska program : 22 500 den.
Date for registration and payment: June 15

Just 2 months gain skills in the field of architecture and construction Make money as designers using popular software applications Revit, 3DS Max + V-ray and gain titles Autodesk Certified User.more

Summer mentoring program for MEAN Fullstack Developer

SUMMER SPECIAL PRICE for Mentorska program: 48.200 den.
Date for registration and payment: June 22

With our MEAN stack summer mentorship program, claim Fullstack Developer and get involved in developing scalable automated systems in the blockchain, FinTech, InsurTech, Human Resources, Healthcare, Education …more

Certified Project Manager

September 15, 2017 - Intensive preparatory course
Advanced interactive and ten professional course that will practically prepare you for choosing the best project and its further successful launching, management and completion, as well as for taking the PMP exam. more

MASTERCLASS: Hacking & Securing Windows Infrastructure in Skopje

This year, at your request, for the third time, IT security expert Paula Janushkievikj Skopje, October 30 to November 3 . agenda

Mentoring programs

The best way to quickly Employment
Career Education Semos create mentoring programs for the development of specific skills that rabotodavecite require.
Customized training for SharePoint Developer more
Customized training for Web Developer more

Campaign MPN Certification

Special discounts for employees of member companies of the Microsoft Partner Network more

Free training for unemployed

Semos Education conducts training to upgrade the skills of registered unemployed persons with secondary or higher education in the following programming packages

New official Microsoft courses On- Demand

For the first time in Macedonia have the opportunity to follow the online course from Microsoft, MOC on Demand that combines high quality video, online practical exercises, reading materials, tests to check your knowledge with one goal - to build skills on the latest Microsoft technologies, when you want and when you can. more

Academy of Design | A graphic and web design

Where we work our students?
In its 10 years of experience, the Academy of Design produces educated staff who are employed in more than 40 companies such as Graphic Designers and Web designers. See some of the companies.. more

Memorandum of Understanding with the Directorate

Certified training in digital security of computer users.

Following current trends, the Directorate for Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Macedonia considers that it is of particular interest to raise awareness among citizens about the safe use of information technology. more

Start 15 September



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